Starting out as a guitarist and singer with the group Izotz, with whom he made one album, he later became a member of the folk band Alboka, in whose company he gained a deeper knowledge and appreciation of traditional Basque music.

He has recorded three albums with Alboka and played at some of the foremost music festivals worldwide (including Womad, Celtic Connections and Strictly Mundial), performing in Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, the U.S.A. and Egypt, amongst other countries.

He has worked live and in the studio with world-famous Hungarian traditional singer Márta Sebestyén, and also with Kepa Junkera, and has toured with Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser and cellist Natalie Haas.

In 2004 he launched his solo career with the album Orai, in which he gathers together the essence of old traditional Basque melodies and treats them in a personal, contemporary manner, creating powerful sound-scapes of frequently startling originality. For the next three years he has been performing the material from this recording.

He has also composed and produced several sound-tracks for short films.

He has worked with the Basque TV channel ETB on numerous occasions, most recently featuring prominently on the programme Euskal Kanturik Onena, which provided the springboard for his latest show EKO Zuzenean.

His new cd is named Ospela...

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